I’ve been helping others find themselves for over 40 years as a therapist, educator and originator of the transformative RIM Method (Regenerating Images in Memory).

I’ve been blessed to frequently share the stage over the last eleven years with Jack Canfield, originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series; we have co-authored Awakening Power, a 6 CD home study program that includes 11 guided meditations and an instruction booklet guaranteed to improve every area of your life.

I’m delighted to recommend Jack’s seminars (listed below) because he and his team always offer the greatest value possible! Join Jack and I at these seminars and enrich your life in ways beyond your expectations!

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The good news is, there’s a simple way for you to dramatically accelerate your journey and get big results fast.

With the right tools and training – and with a network of positive and enthusiastic people to encourage and support you both during and after the training– you can accomplish anything you dream of, faster than you ever thought possible.

… And that’s what Breakthrough to Success is all about.


For the first time ever...

Become One of Jack Canfield's CERTIFIED SUCCESS TRAINERS and Bring his Proven Success Principles System and Transformational Teaching Methods to Audiences Worldwide!

Will One of His Protégés Be You?

Jack Will Prepare You with All the Training Materials, Content and Industry Expertise He's Developed of the Last 40 Years -- Developing You into a World-Class Human Potential Trainer -- Empowering Audiences, Changing Lives, and Becoming Respected, Esteemed and Valued in Return!


Why this mission is unlike anything Jack has ever done before…

Five years ago, Jack dreamed of creating a team of people who could bring my powerful strategies for success to people from all walks of life (and in every corner of the globe). Since then, over 1,200 professionals have graduated from Jack's live Train the Trainer program, many of whom have gone on to have incredibly successful careers.

Up until now, Jack has only been able to train people in person, so this limited the amount of individuals who could participate, and the number of people we could impact globally.

Now, Jack is on a new mission:

To have 1 million individuals around the world teaching and implementing “The Success Principles” as Canfield Certified Trainers!


"I love partnering with Jack Canfield and highly recommend these excellent programs."

Dr. Deborah Sandella Ph.D.,
Originator of The RIM Technique, Founder of the RIM Institute,
Author of Goodbye Hurt and Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success, September 2016


Guided Visualizations &
Meditations For Success by
Jack Canfield & Dr. Deb Sandella